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Executive Coaching


Executives seek the safety and privacy of a coaching relationship to explore skills and aptitudes and critically examine and overcome skill deficits that stand in the way of maximum professional and financial performance. Executive coaching offers the opportunity to explore career options, test out ideas, gain clarity, renew passions, enhance strengths, and overcome performance deficits.

Value of Executive Coaching

Executives today are caught in times of unprecedented organizational change and complexity. Motivated professionals seek executive coaching to help them move up in their professional careers or set out in new directions.

Coaching helps individuals to:

  • Develop leadership skills and strategies
  • Build on natural strengths
  • Enhance interpersonal skills
  • Identify and overcome self-imposed barriers to success
  • Manage and build business relationships
  • Improve communication effectiveness
  • Master high-level communication skills
  • Build and use quality problem-solving processes
  • Assess conflict situations to effectively confront and resolve conflict
  • Incorporate a flexible interpersonal style to bring out the best in others
  • Build loyalty and partnership with peers
  • Establish professional goals
  • Network to achieve professional advancement
  • Balance work and life issues

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Nonprofit board governance is indispensable to nonprofit success. From board recruitment and selection to roles, responsibilities, and regulatory requirements, we assist leaders to maximize their board's value and success, both as individual members and collectively.

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Executive coaching can make the difference in a successful career. We maintain a select coaching practice that allows us to focus on each client individually and be available to them when needed.


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