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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a very popular concept with both nonprofit and for-profit organizations (for-profits often refer to it as “business planning”). Very simply, strategic planning gives an organization the power and tools to focus on what it wants to become.

Simple to say, but not simple to do

Personalities, politics, deadlines, lack of information, and all kinds of pressures get in the way.

Some believe strategic planning is a waste of time — either they’ve had a bad experience, or they believe that life is too chaotic for a plan to be relevant for more than five minutes.

If you spend all your time planning, when will you get any work done?

Giving Your Organization a Powerful Presence

Sumption & Wyland can provide the independent viewpoint and experience to challenge assumptions, deal with divergent personalities and priorities, take the time to gather essential information, and guide your organization’s leaders to consensus on your plan for the future.

Meeting Your Individual Needs

Your plan — not ours. No preconceived notions, no “cookie-cutter” goals and objectives, no “one-size-fits-all” action plan. Each client we deal with is different, and each planning process is different. We respect your organization’s independence and individuality. The strategic planning process should result in a plan that your board, management team, and key stakeholders can recognize as theirs — not that of a consultant.

Moving Forward

Your plan won’t sit on a shelf gathering dust, either. We provide you with tools to help keep your board and management team focused on the plan’s key elements. We also include follow-up contacts with the board chair and senior management to check on how things are going. Most importantly, it’s your plan. It’s more than a reference — it’s your organization’s roadmap, compass, and yardstick all in one. It integrates all planning and becomes a tool your management staff and board will use all the time.

Sumption & Wyland

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Nonprofit board governance is indispensable to nonprofit success. From board recruitment and selection to roles, responsibilities, and regulatory requirements, we assist leaders to maximize their board's value and success, both as individual members and collectively.

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