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Nonprofit, Not-for-profit, or Charity: What Do We Call Ourselves?
We are asked sometimes about the difference between the terms “charity,” “nonprofit,” non-profit,” and “not-for-profit.” This is a very good question, as many people use the terms interchangeably and incorrectly. So, here’s a brief explanation of terms. The answer has to do with state and federal law, and who is speaking.

Seven Member Characteristics of a Strong Board
What characteristics does a strong board, and its members, have in common?  What should YOUR board look for in membership and function?  Check out this list!

Your Gift is Tax Deductible - NOT!
Many charities tell you your gift is tax deductible.  Why SHOULDN'T they do this?

Buffett's Gift to Gates Foundation - What Does $60 Billion Really Mean?
Much has been written and said about Warren Buffett's surprise decision to donate much of his Berkshire Hathaway fortune to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation rather than expand his existing foundations. Is this a transformational event in the nonprofit world?

What Your Nonprofit Should be Doing After Any  Major Disaster
Stay focused on your mission and accentuate the positive with this list of recommended steps for adapting to crisis-induced change.

Accountability Changes Philanthropic Landscape
It's become acceptable, in the name of accountability, for philanthropy to be about receiving rather than about giving. Hypervigilant and misapplied accountability risks killing the soul of philanthropy upon which charities rely for support.

The Best Way to Curb Charity Fraud
Michael Wyland's e-mail, later edited into a letter to the editor and published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Planning Strategic Planning?
Here are the questions we ask prospective clients, and why we ask them. Ask yourself these questions to improve the chances of a successful planning experience!

Strategic Planning Basics
Why should organizations do strategic planning? What are the key elements? here are some basic answers to these questions.

Three Strategic Planning Models
There's more than one way to plan, so don't let anyone sell you on “THE” strategic planning approach. Take a look at our thumbnail sketches of the pluses -- and minuses -- of Drucker, Amherst Wilder, and Bryson's Strategic Change Cycle strategic planning models.

For CEOs -- Six Characteristics of Good CEO/Board Relationships
As an executive director or CEO of your organization, one of the most important relationships is with your board of directors. Here are six tips to help preserve and strengthen that relationship -- and your organization.

What is the Right Size for Your Nonprofit's Board?
Answers to, and rationale for, a commonly asked question.  The answers are pretty well known, but the rationale is changing.

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