Training Description

The five-day full infusion workshop is designed to for participants to examine grant writing and other proposal research, writing, editing, submission, and follow-up. Participants will be exposed to federal, state, local, and foundation grant solicitation cycles. They will acquire skills to critically review grant resources to meet identified needs.

Emphasis will be placed on industry standards of grant document design, methods to streamline the grant writing process, and effective strategies to work with teams in project design. Sample methods and templates for budget, table of contents, and other layout components will be provided. Participants will also be exposed to skills needed to successfully manage grants implementation and administer granting programs.

Course Goals and Objectives

Course Goal: To build the capacity of education and human service professionals to successfully plan, design, write, and format grant documents that result in income to fund worthy programs and services.
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

Objective 1: Identify the 10 key sections of a model grant application document and describe the purpose and content for each section.
Objective 2: Identify the primary sources of federal, state, local, and foundation funding available to support worthy projects.
Objective 3: Demonstrate strategies to work successfully with a team in development of a grant application.
Objective 4: Identify the elements of organizational readiness critical to success in grant writing.
Objective 5: Demonstrate skills to take a worthy idea through all stages of the planning and grant writing process resulting in a document that meets criteria set forth by the selected funding agent.
Objective 6: Define the key elements of grants management and reporting.
Objective 7: Identify the key elements of successful grant-making programs.

Training Delivery Outline

Day One
Role of grants in funding organizations
Organizational readiness
Strategic planning as a readiness tool
Content of a quality strategic plan
Finding the right grant source
Searching the Federal Register
Using technology as a search tool

Day Two
Pinpointing a project goal
Establishing a grant writing team and timeline for writing
Getting ready to write
Soliciting support and commitment
Introduction to the individual elements of a model application
Where to begin — writing the concept paper, project goals, and objectives

Day Three
Establishing a workable budget
Formatting a budget to reflect the project design
Writing a winning introduction
Describing your need in compelling terms
Writing clear and measurable objectives
Providing a roadmap for project completion
Preparing a quality evaluation plan
Individual project writing activities

Day Four
What to look for in a winning grant application
Grants reviewer exercise
Individual project writing activities

Day Five
Preparing a future funding plan
Using technology to formalize your document
Grant design formats and packaging
Individual writing activities