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    Change. Grow. Succeed.
    At Sumption & Wyland, we help organizations and their leaders change, grow, and succeed. Our clients know the value of assessing the present and charting a course for the future. They understand the benefits of broad support, diversified funding, and strong leadership, guided by a pervasive sense of values, vision, and mission.

Board Governance

Nonprofit board governance is indispensable to nonprofit success. From board recruitment and selection to roles, responsibilities, and regulatory requirements, we assist leaders to maximize their board's value and success, both as individual members and collectively.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching can make the difference in a successful career. We maintain a select coaching practice that allows us to focus on each client individually and be available to them when needed.

Speaking & Training

From conference keynotes and breakout sessions to public and private educational sessions, Sumption & Wyland has delivered speaking and training engagements to hundreds of organizations and communities focused on professional development and specialized knowledge transfer.


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Nonprofit, Not-for-profit, or Charity: What Do We Call Ourselves?

We are asked sometimes about the difference between the terms “charity,” “nonprofit,” non-profit,” and “not-for-profit.” This is a very good question, as many people use the terms interchangeably and incorrectly. So, here’s a brief explanation of terms. The answer has to do with state and federal law, and who is speaking.

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Your Charitable Gift is Tax Deductible - NOT!

Many charities tell you your gift is tax deductible. Why SHOULDN'T they do this?

Nonprofit Political Speech in a Post-Citizens United and IRS Scandal Environment

Can nonprofit political speech be regulated, given recent events?

Our Team

Sumption & Wyland, established in 1990, provides nonprofit board governance consulting, strategic planning for hospitals and other select clients, and executive coaching services.

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