Sumption & Wyland Articles

Some of these articles are “evergreen” – good information but dated by references to dates and, occasionally, outdated statistics.  This happens when your body of work extends back to the 1990s!

Don’t forget to check out Margaret Sumption’s “Leading in the Moment” and Michael Wyland’s “The Wyland Report” e-newsletters for more resources.

Role of the Board Chair

The Role of the Nonprofit Board Chair The nonprofit board chair’s role is one of the most important, least well-defined, and least understood leadership positions. 

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Nonprofit Political Speech

Nonprofit Political Speech in a Post-Citizens United and IRS Scandal Environment The following paper was presented at the 2014 ARNOVA (Association for Research on Nonprofit

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Nonprofit Dissolutions

Nonprofit Dissolutions – What to Do When a Nonprofit Ceases Operations? In addition to any information you find here and elsewhere, the bottom line is

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