Book & Video Reviews

Nonprofit Nation

Nonprofit Nation: A New Look at the Third Americaby Michael O’Neill This book does a great job of answering basic questions about nonprofits and the

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Nonprofit Mergers

Nonprofit Mergers: The Power of Successful Partnerships (Aspen’s Nonprofit Management Series)by Dan H. McCormick A Serious Book for Serious People This is a serious book

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Mission-Based Marketing

Mission-Based Marketing: Positioning Your Not-for-Profit in an Increasingly Competitive Worldby Peter C. Brinckerhoff Peter Brinckerhoff has written a great book for anyone interested in making

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Making the Case

Making the Case: The No-Nonsense Guide to Writing the Perfect Case Statementby Jerold Panas I like Jerold Panas’s writing style. It’s concise and entertaining while

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The Grantwriter’s Start-Up Kit

The Grantwriter’s Start-Up Kit: A Beginner’s Guide to Grant Proposals Workbookby Successful Images, Inc. “Good tool for novices; even better with a facilitator.” This video-and-workbook

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